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                  Schedule bookings, improve your services, promote your business, 24/7 online booking, client reminders.


                  Scheduling book and phone no longer meet requirements of your clients.
                  Get powerful scheduling with simplicity in mind.


                  Join our amazing customers from 35 countries who use Reservio every day
                  to schedule bookings and improve their business.

                  Custom solutions for every type of business

                  One size doesnt fit all. We carefully design each scheduling tool
                  for maximum efficiency with no compromises.

                  • Medical & Healthcare

                  • Beauty & Personal Care

                  • Sport & Leisure

                  • Events & Culture

                  • Courses & Education

                  • + 70 others


                  Try Reservio Plus for large organizations,
                  multi-site businesses and hospitals.

                  Learn more


                  Setup Reservio in just a few minutes.
                  Schedule simple and efficiently.

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